It’s a busy day at the face factory...

and your boss is turning up the heat. Valentine’s season is just around the corner, and all the citizens faces are gone. Flex your creative muscles by making faces for all the weird lovebirds, and keep the face-factory afloat!

A short Take a walk on Limbo Lanegame made in 72 hours.

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First off, you all did such a fantastic job! I thought it was hilarious and although I do wish more items would appear, what did appear was great! Would have loved to have a little more time with my "creation" -- if this does become a full product would love to see a short little visual novel scenario playout for their dates or what not, even if it's like 10-15. Or just to see them in the world.

But again, really polished and a lot of fun. I had a little slowdown but I contribute that to the Itchio HTML5 player.

I really want to do more of this please make a expanded version.


We would love to do more! Perhaps if enough players want it.. 



cool game. hey boss... did you say "laser"?

SOOO good and charming as always!

I....wha...I have so many questions and no answers...